Diesel Engine

    1. SDEC Diesel Engine
    2. SDEC Diesel Engine
      SDEC now has seven series of high-quality diesel and natural gas engines, i.e. R, H, D, C, E, G and W series. These series engines with power outputs of 50 to 1,600 kW are mainly applied to trucks, buses, construction machinery, generator sets, marine application and agricultural equipment.
    1. Perkins Series Diesel Engine
    2. Perkins Series Diesel Engine
      The 400 series Perkins diesel engine, a significant evolution of the compact engine family, offers superior performance, with low emissions and low operating costs, all of which in a small efficient package.
    1. XinChai Series Diesel Engine
    2. XinChai Series Diesel Engine
      The NC485BD engine, a kind of XinChai series diesel engine, is specially designed for generating sets based on the working mode and operation conditions of generating sets. It is ideal power for the 10-15KW generating sets.