About RISE Power

RISE Power, based in China, is one of the pioneers of power generator manufacturers. Having been supplied diesel generators to worldwide commercial and industrial businesses for nearly 20 years, now we are able to provide a diverse line of products, including:

-RISE Power Diesel Generator (Cummins Generator, Volvo Generator...)
-RISE Power Marine Series (Marine Generator, Marine Engine...)
-RISE Power Generator Accessories(Marathon Alternator, Generator Spare Parts...)

As an ISO9001 certified company, we at RISE Power constantly focus on the quality of our products. With our superior quality, competitive prices and prompt delivery, our diesel generators are used increasingly in the international markets, such as America, Canada, Thailand, and so on. In addition, we also provide OEM service. Details

Featured Gensets
    1. Volvo Diesel Engine Powered 68—500kW Volvo Generator 68-500kW Volvo diesel generator adopts well-known brushless excitation alternators of Marathon and Stamford, and control panels from DEEPSEA UK. It has many advantages such as automatic speed regulation, automatic voltage regulation, good dynamic ...
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    1. 20—750kVA Soundproof Industrial Generator RISE Power™ soundproof canopy is composed of galvanized plates (optional) and galvanized steel parts that have gone through a powder coating process for anti-rust and anti-scratch treatment. This guarantees a longer service life. Lower emission and less environmental influence.
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