Marine Engine

    1. Cummins Marine Propulsion Engine
    2. Cummins Marine Propulsion Engine
      Cummins marine diesel engine is designed and manufactured for continuous use in applications requiring uninterrupted service at full power. It is suitable for fresh water or ocean-going boats such as fishing trawlers, ferry, passenger boat, deep river towboats, cargo, etc.
    1. Deutz Marine Engine (35~150kW)
    2. Deutz Marine Engine (35~150kW)
      RISE Power Deutz 226B series marine diesel engine is a modified model;
      It meets the relevant national standards and ship regulations;
      It is commonly used as the main engine or the auxiliary engine in the diesel generator sets of the ship.
    1. LOVOL Marine Diesel Engine
    2. LOVOL Marine Diesel Engine
      It is a special power platform developed for auxiliary generator for vessel based on many years of experience and combines advanced design concept of engine; Main types include 1004GM, 1004TGM, 1006TGM and 1006TWGM, power from 40-110kw; It is widely used in the auxiliary diesel generator set for carrier, passenger ship, fishing ship and so on.
    1. SDEC Marine Propulsion Engine
    2. SDEC Marine Propulsion Engine
      D683 diesel engine is specifically designed for marine applications. The engine is characterized by compact structure, small volume, and light weight, low emissions. It is applicable to propulsion power for high-speed patrol boats, yachts, traffic boats, working boats and fishing boats, cargo boats and tugboats, as well as to the power for marine generator sets and marine auxiliary power system.