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SCANIA Diesel Engine Powered 200—440kW SCANIA Generator

Generator Powered by SCANIA Diesel Engine
Powered by SCANIA diesel engine, the 200-440kW SCANIA diesel generator set adopts famous brand like Marathon and Stamford brushless excitation alternators and control panels from DEEPSEA UK.
This SCANIA diesel generator has an auto protective device, and it can automatically control and regulate the water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure, and the speed, etc. It has many advantages such as automatic speed regulation, automatic voltage regulation, good dynamic performance, stable fluctuation of voltage, high efficiency, excellent reliability, long service life, etc. These generator can be combined as power station group with automatic start system and ATS, etc. according to the customer's request.

Scania operates in about 100 countries and has more than 35,500 employees. Of these, around 15,000 work with sales and services in Scania's own subsidiaries around the world. About 12,300 people work at production units in seven countries and delivery centres in six emerging markets. Research and development operations are concentrated in Södertälje, Sweden, and employ some 2,900 people. Scania's Head Office is located in Södertälje, the workplace of most of the 5,300 people who perform administrative and other tasks. Scania's corporate purchasing department in Södertälje is supplemented by local procurement offices in Poland, the Czech Republic, the United States, China and Russia.

SCANIA Diesel Engine (Sweden)
1. Modular Design: spare parts commonality, greatly reducing the user's spare parts in stock.
2. Unique design and manufacturing processes ensure high reliability and long service life.
3. Engine low cost operation: The cost of 2400 hours running only 50% of same class engine.
4. The lowest fuel consumption only 190g/kW.h. 400kW engine 2400 hours up to save fuel 3000 liters
5. Multi-fuel security system to meet complex fuel situation.
6. Intake system is optimized for field conditions.
7. Centrifugal crude oil filter, greatly improved lubrication, extended oil and filter change intervals to 400 hours, replacement cycle than similar engine twice as long.
8. Troubleshooting software installed on the computer can be used directly, no need handheld hardware.
9. Two years unlimited time warranty. (The starting report must be submitted)

SCANIA Diesel Generator 50Hz 230V/400V
Generator Model Engine Model Alternator Model Frequency (Hz) Prime Power Standby Power
kW kVA kW kVA
RSCM200 DC9 65A 10-93 MP-200-4 50 200 253 220 278
RSCM220 DC9 65A 10-94 MP-220-4 50 220 278 242 307
RSCM240 DC9 65A 10-95 MP-250-4 50 240 303 264 329
RSCM280 DC12 59A 10-32A MP-280-4 50 280 351 320 401
RSCM320 DC12 59A 10-33A MP-320-4 50 320 401 360 451
RSCM350 DC12 59A 10-34A MP-350-4 50 350 438 385 481
RSCM400 DC16 45A 10-30A MP-400-4 50 400 501 440 550
RSCM440 DC16 44A 10-27A MP-480-4 50 440 550 480 599
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