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SDEC Diesel Engine Powered — SDEC Generator

Description of SDEC Generator
1. This generator adopts the SDEC 135, G128, D114, SC11series diesel engine;
2. It adopts fully-closed water circulation system, easy to operate;
3. SDEC SC11C(121)series diesel engine combines Caterpillar 3000 series diesel engine technology, with the features of high reliability, long service time, easy maintenance, low fuel consumption, low noise as well as low emission;
4. The generator also delivers compact structure, appealing appearance and convenient installation;
5. The auto protective device of this diesel generator allows it to control and protect the water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure, and the speed.
6. These generators can be combined as power station group with automatic start system and ATS, etc. according to the customer's request.

Advantages of SDEC Generator
1. Automatic speed regulation;
2. Automatic voltage regulation;
3. Marked dynamic performance;
4. Stable fluctuation form of voltage;
5. High efficiency, good reliability, long life time, etc.

    1. SDEC Diesel Engine Powered 55—700kW SDEC Diesel Generator
    2. SDEC Diesel Engine Powered 55—700kW SDEC Diesel Generator
      SDEC now has seven series of high-quality diesel and natural gas engines, i.e. R, H, D, C, E, G and W series. These series engines with power outputs of 50 to 1,600 kW are mainly applied to trucks, buses, construction machinery, generator sets, marine application ...