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RISE Power Generator Accessories

    1. Alternator
    2. Alternator
      EASY MOUNT SAE ADAPTERS are provided with every generator to simplify coupling to the prime mover. Generator foot mounting dimensions are not affected by adapter choice. SE350 Regulator, provides 1% voltage regulation and offers commercial features such as under speed protection and stability adjustment.
    1. Generator Control System
    2. Generator Control System
      Sheet steel lockable enclosure with hinged door
      Removable base gland plate for cable entry/exit on all ratings
      Additional top gland plate available
      Control segregation and secondary screening available
    1. Diesel Engine
    2. Diesel Engine
      SDEC now has seven series of high-quality diesel and natural gas engines, i.e. R, H, D, C, E, G and W series. These series engines with power outputs of 50 to 1,600 kW are mainly applied to trucks, buses, construction machinery, generator sets, marine application and agricultural equipment.
    1. Generator Spare Parts
    2. Generator Spare Parts
      Cummins Series, Shanghai Diesel Engine Company (SDEC) Series, WEICHAI Series etc.