Marine Generator

    1. 40—800kW Cummins Marine Generator
    2. 40—800kW Cummins Marine Generator
      40-800kW Cummins marine generator adopts the Cummins (Sino-USA) 4/6B, 6CT, N/KT series marine diesel engine (CCS Certificate); It is equipped with some famous brushless excitation alternators (Marathon, Stamford, etc.); With auto protective device, the diesel generator can control and protect the water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure, and the speed.
    1. 50—200kW SDEC Marine Generator
    2. 50—200kW SDEC Marine Generator
      50-200kW SDEC marine generator is powered by the SDEC 135, G128 series marine diesel engine (CCS Certificate); Some well-known brushless excitation alternators (Marathon, Stamford, etc.) are equipped; Other Marine Classification Society Approval is available, such as BV(France), ABS(USA), etc.