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Special Diesel Generator Set

    1. 20—750kVA Soundproof Industrial Generator
    2. 20—750kVA Soundproof Industrial Generator
      RISE Power™ soundproof canopy is composed of galvanized plates (optional) and galvanized steel parts that have gone through a powder coating process for anti-rust and anti-scratch treatment. This guarantees a longer service life. Lower emission and less environmental influence.
    1. 15—500kVA Trailer Mounted Industrial Generator
    2. 15—500kVA Trailer Mounted Industrial Generator
      Noise reduction structure for intake and exhaust is used, to ensure the stable operation of the unit at rated operating conditions. It is widely used in open spaces and outside power site as a common or standby power. At present, trailer mounted industrial generators are widely used in national security, telecommunication, plateau, mining, etc.
    1. 25—1000kVA Vehicle Mounted Diesel Generator
    2. 25—1000kVA Vehicle Mounted Diesel Generator
      Advanced design concepts and reliable production engineering. Easy operation, safe and reliable, excellent cold start performance. It is suitable for electric power rush repair, communication maintenance, municipal construction, emergency handling, emergency rescue and disaster relief, etc.
    1. 700—2500kVA Containerised Diesel Generator
    2. 700—2500kVA Containerised Diesel Generator
      This container is a complete enclosure and comprises all necessary component necessary for the safe operation of the generators contained therein. This container unit has been thoroughly tested and is ready to use after connecting the necessary media at the client's site (fuel, coolant, lubricants, power connections, third-party supply auxiliary drives(if applicable),etc.)
    1. High Voltage Diesel Generator
    2. High Voltage Diesel Generator
      Direct high-voltage output, small loss, high efficiency, and rapid response. The use of high-voltage units can reduce transmission loss and investment in cable, and thus the high voltage generator set is suitable for long-distance carrier. Impact resistance to load fluctuation, large loading capacity.