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25—1000kVA Vehicle Mounted Diesel Generator

RISE Power's 25-1000kVA vehicle mounted diesel generator is made by vehicle chassis, world-class engine and alternator, intelligent control system, soundproof canopy, hydraulic pressure support stabilization system, cable fixing and receiving-releasing system, intake and exhaust noise reducing system, and exhaust system etc.

● Advanced design concepts and reliable production engineering.
● Compact structure, high motility.
● Low emissions, low noise, low energy consumption.
● Highly automation, complete functions.
● Easy operation, safe and reliable, excellent cold start performance.
● Noise level 75-85dB@1 meter.
● Single or multiple sets parallel operation.

Power Range

Application Scope
It is suitable for electric power rush repair, communication maintenance, municipal construction, emergency handling, emergency rescue and disaster relief, etc.

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