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15—500kVA Trailer Mounted Industrial Generator

RISE Power's weather-protective and sound-attenuated trailer deliver superior durability, security and convenience, can work in harsh environments.

● Noise reduction structure for intake and exhaust is used, to ensure the stable operation of the unit at rated operating
● Noise reduction performance, scientific design, advanced manufacturing technology, low noise processing for
compartment and exhaust system, noise reduce to 70-80 dB (A)/7m.
● A traction gear is reserved under the wheeled chassis for positioning and balancing at any time.
● Mechanical scaffolds are set in the four corners of the frame for inertia braking, mechanical parking braking and
accidental disengagement braking.
● Warning light, fog light and stoplight are installed at the rear, conforming to the road transport safety standard.
● Cable trough can be pre-installed to facilitate the clients.
● Maximum running speed can reach 40km/h.

Power Range

Application Scope
It is widely used in open spaces and outside power site as a common or standby power. At present, trailer mounted industrial generators are widely used in national security, telecommunication, plateau, mining, etc.

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