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20—750kVA Soundproof Industrial Generator

● RISE Power™ soundproof canopy is composed of galvanized plates (optional) and galvanized steel parts that have gone through a powder coating process for anti-rust and anti-scratch treatment. This guarantees a longer service life.
● The new design of the soundproof canopy can reduce the noise to 15-35 dB, so our silent generator sets are suitable for night work and for residential areas, commercial areas and other areas with high requirements to the noise.
● Lower emission and less environmental influence
●The inner wall of the canopy adopts flame-retardant soundproof foam, while the door is surrounded by the sealant for automobile. Therefore, the noise and heat can be reduced and absorbed.
● External fuel and water charging ports and integrated drain outlet.
●Notice safety tags are posted both in inside and outside of the canopy to provide safety tips and ease the operation.
● Large access doors on both sides for convenient routine maintenance.

Details of Soundproof Industrial Generator
  • Reliable world-class engine
  • Advanced brushless motor
  • Automatic self-diagnostic system
  • Compact design
  • Convenient cable connection
  • Forklift hole
  • External fuel charging port
  • External water charging port
① Coolant feeding port ② Exhaust port ③ Lifting eye
④ Lifting eye ⑤ Air inlet ⑥Port for fast connection (optional)
⑦ Port for cable ⑧ Pulling eye ⑨ Chassis
⑩ Forklift hole (optional) ⑪ Switchgear ⑫ Drain valve
⑬ Fuel charging port ⑭ External fuel charging port/ water drain valve/ engine oil drain valve ⑮ Emergency stop button
⑯ Access door ⑰ Grounding port
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