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We have a strong commitment to our customers. With RISE Power RISE Care, this focus extends beyond the sale of our generator sets. From spare parts and technical documentation to customized maintenance and repair solutions, RISE Power offers a full range of support to help keep your RISE Power equipment running smoothly.

● Expert Assistance - For Longer Life.
Reliable, expert assistance is essential to achieving and maintaining high levels of performance and reliability throughout any RISE Power genset lifecycle.

RISECare is a full line of maintenance, repair and service solutions designed to help maximize the performance and service life of the genset. From scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and repair to technical documentation and all the way to product training, RISE Power provides comprehensive support, customized to meet your unique needs.

● Genuine Parts and Consumables - For Maximum Performance.
To keep your RISE Power gensets running at optimum efficiency, users can choose from a full line of genuine spare parts and consumables. They're designed, tested and approved specifically for RISE Power gensets. Whether it's spare parts or filters, oils and coolants, we offer only genuine quality, with parts and consumables that are designed to work seamlessly with your RISE Power product. RISECare products help you get maximum performance and value from your equipment.

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